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Hello, I'm Alvin Moyer...

Welcome to Alvin Moyer Makeup Artistry.  I have been working in the beauty industry for years. From photoshoots, to model test shoots prep, to pageants and weddings in Phoenix and elsewhere, I’ve done it all.  Most importantly, I have a passion for what I do and it’s fair to say that I love my job.  The fresh-faced natural look or something else? Look no further:  Call (520) 213-1347 or message me and come to a reliable, experienced makeup artist that will make it happen!

A Little About Me...

I have found the world of makeup to be fulfilling on both a personal as well as a professional level.  I am still in love with everything it can do: from minimal highlights to the more stylized and extreme ends of the spectrum.  If you’ve got any ideas about how you’d like to look, please get in touch. I love talking about projects.

My Creative Process and Technique..

I offer both day and night makeup techniques, which require the use of different styles and shades to suit a particular event or moment.  For day makeup, I offer different styles such as the sun-kissed light makeup, skin tone makeup, or heavy makeup for costume parties, plays or presentations.  There are some similarities when it comes to evening and night makeup (both will involve working on your eyes, face, and lips), but rest assured, the differences are noticeable.  My number one aim is to make sure my customers are satisfied and feel they get their money’s worth.

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